Irrigation Products
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Mammoth Grip Irrigation Products

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers stabilize sprinklers while spacing them the proper distance from a sidewalk or driveway.

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Wedges

Are used to retro-fit sprinkler systems that have already been installed. Wedges space sprinklers away from sidewalks.

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers are a designed to create a uniform space between a permanent barrier (a sidewalk or driveway) and a sprinkler. This gives the sprinkler stability while keeping it the proper distance from the barrier and proper height.

The spacer gives support to the sprinkler while preventing the sprinkler from drifting towards the permanent barrier. Drifting occurs as the ground settles after installation, and during normal maintenance of the facility. Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers are placed below ground level and cannot be seen once installed.

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers create a uniform standard for the installation of sprinklers. Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers guarantee a properly spaced sprinkler in every installation.

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